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Hello everybody help me

i am new in fiverr i do many buyer request but finding no work please help me

Sorry to say but:

I would first encourage you to look at your Gig text & images as they are full of errors. This doesn’t fit with your claims.

You have to explain why I would buy a higher version of your Gig. You may know what I would get, but I don’t. Detail count more than grand promises.

Look at the bottom of you Gig as a customer sees it, Fiverr offers competitors at half the price! Your price may be the right & fair thing for what you deliver but if people don’t 100% see what you offer to be worth what you ask, they will immediately jump to the person who is half that price (and jump again until they find someone stupid enough to do it free).

Don’t rely on Buyer Requests as most of them only want free work or have no idea what they want done in the first place.

Good luck in your journey


thanks for your advice