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Hello everybody! I'm a new seller C:

Hello there, Midori here! I joined a few weeks ago but just found out there’s a forum so I had to come say hello~

So, I’m a Biology student that likes to draw A LOT (manga/anime style). My friends really like my drawings and one of theme told me it would be a good idea to join Fiverr, so I did. I’ve been here for a few weeks and don’t have any sales in my gig, but I still have hope someone will like my work, so wish me luck! :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestions I’m all ears, thank you and nice to meet you all! ^^


Welcome to this community. Stay focused, stay calm, have patience, be honest, grow your true skills day by day and keep sending buyer request on regular basis. Hope it will bring you huge success.


Welcome to Fiverr go a head and enjoying earning.


first of all, why you used your profile picture in ANIME CARTOON?
use professional, clear face own Pictures.

and if you drawings well, so, create your service GIG. Don’t worry because it’s simple to create a GIG but also if you are so beginner I suggest spending more time researching how to create a GIG properly.


Thank you for sharing. And best of luck for your upcoming days. I am also new in Fiverr.


Focus on your goal. Be patient and improve your skill more.Like

  • Marketing your gigs
  • Try to create a unique gig’s title, description
  • Eyecatching Poster
  • send a proper description with a portfolio to buyer request.
  • And take your order, Confident yourself :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2:
    Have a good journey. @midorinokutsu

Welcome to Fiverr forum

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Did you check her gig?
She offers anime drawings, her profile image clearly shows what she is offering.
To me that seems professional to me. Her icon is representing her work.
(I don’t use my photo for my icon either )

Personally @midorinokutsu, I think there is nothing wrong with your gig,
but anime/style drawing gigs are very competitive here. I myself offer anime drawings, but
compared to several years ago I am getting less orders for drawings.

This is just a suggestion, but since you are a new seller, maybe add a basic $5 order,
just black/white line drawing with no color? :thinking:


Welcome to fiverr market place

Best of luck


@zeus777 I did understand your opinion. but Fiverr recommended it’s to upload own picture.

that’s it :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the Fiverr community.Hope you will earn fast

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Hi - yeah, your friends were right. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the website. Have a nice time! :smiley:

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Welcom to fiverr forum.

Hello Friends,

My self Muhammadraza707 and I am working on Fiverr since the last 5-7 years and now today I will share my experience and Tips for all old and new beginners:

  1. First of all I will suggest all of you complete your profile with unique content and wording that will attract your clients and show up you.
  2. Second thing is that try to use your original picture not any kind of logo and any relevant image that not present you because your original image attracts your client and shows a big trust.
  3. The third point is the main thing is your GIG’s, So as we know that the first impression is the last impression so the Gig image is the first impression that show others and after that the message that will you send when you bid.
  4. Forth point is when your sending a buyer request you need to read buyer requirements because if you read the requirements and after that when you send the offer and in our offer use the buyer requirements that they want. It gives a great impression and trust that you read the requirements and understands them.
  5. The last point is your skill and your communication level, Don’t rud or misbehave with anyone in this platform because respect is the important thing, and always try to satisfy your client on anyway.

Now if you have any kind of question or need any kind of help the Feel FREE to contact me.



I do wish you luck and will suggest you to have patience no matter what happen. stay focused and practice a lot.


Got a unique Skill huuh!! GOOD LUCK :innocent:


Welcome this community.
♛ Stay online for 24 hours
♛ Send 10 buyer requests everyday


@midorinokutsu Nah, don’t listen.

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Hi, @midorinokutsu welcome to the Fiverr community. Best wishes for your freelancing carer. Hope you will get an order soon. :slightly_smiling_face: