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Hello everyone "0" My name is Tatiana. I'm new here. I loking for friends =)

Hello again. Thank you for watching =3
I’m from Russia and this system is new to me )
Let’s get acquainted =DDD


hlo rellays… im rabiabasri .
hope you doing well im new here too


things are good))))
I drew two stickers, now i’m waiting …XD

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I’m sitting and waiting, thinking up how me to rise in a rating =c
it’s hard

You’re welcome, hope you get the best out of this site.

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Thank you very much :grin:
I hope that i designes my gigs normally :румянец:

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I loking for friends

I think this platform is only for buy and sell, no. Please correct me, If I’m wrong.

i think that one does not interfere with the other =)))
i’m personally interested in talking with people from all over the world :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome! Hope you success in this site.


I don’t know how to start, but i’ll try to do my best ^^

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

@rellays Welcome to fiverr! i also interested about Russian seller/buyer!

I hope that it will be so ^^

you are welcome. i like you.

Hi Tatina, you are welcome.

Hello, welcome friends. Best of luck.

Oh thanks)
I’m very happy about this =)

welcome to fiverr forum,i am also new here.

Hello! and WELCOME!!! <3