Hello everyone can you help me?


Hello everyone can you help me? my gig has not correctly updating. I will try to many times it update but it is not carrectly update and not come any orders this week. I don’t why this what happened it. Please can you check it ? Please help me. Thank you!! Check my gig:- https://www.fiverr.com/cdcolexa/design-a-superb-logo-design


@cdcolexa Have you cleared your cache, cookies, and refreshed your browser?


Okay thank you very much @eddiethornton


@eddiethornton Im clear cache, cookies, and refreshed browser and again update tags. But it is no working not come up to list my gig. Please help me!!


It took a while to load but I see it. What is wrong with it?




Reply to @ricksper: I has not come any order in the 1 week. what is a this happen ?



Reply to @cdcolexa: Well, I cannot speak as to your lack of sales but your Gig comes up in search. And you might want to edit your title. “creative a SUPERB” -> “create a SUPERB”


Mr. ricksper Thank you very much!!