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Hello Everyone! Coming back to Fiverr

Hello. I’m sorta new here. In 2017 or something made a gig and got two clients very fast. I thought it’s not worth doing in long term so I have abandoned for a 2,3 years. After seeing really successful few artists I’m changing my mind. Maybe Fiverr isn’t so bad and has a potential. But after activating my account again I haven’t got any impression in 3 weeks. Should I be patient ? Or make new gig ?


Hello, I like your illustrations a lot.

However, it is 2020 and marketplace changed a lot in terms of competition, number of services available, algorithms, etc.

Eg. check this out For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share

You may want to consider creating a few more Gigs in portfolio. It may increase your chance to get some orders after the pause.

Good luck!