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Hello everyone, creative writer here!

Hey! You’re free to call me Koudelka or Reaux. I discovered Fiverr by chance last night and figured I’d use this as a means to expand my search to gaining clients.

I have a passion for writing and I’m interested in putting myself out there and writing for others. Outside of writing, I am into Asian dramas, foreign films and music, video games, anime, manga and some other nerd like things.

I hope I can connect with fellow writers or anyone that is interested.


Hi there! I’m not a writer (yet) but I do love reading and also love movies! Where are your from?

Cheers, Abby (Netherlands)

That’s really cool! I’m from the United States.

One of my favorite Twitch streamers is from the Netherlands. Thank you for commenting. c:

How come you’re not a writer yet? Have you never written anything before?

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No I only write in a diary every so often. I think if I would write it would become a very sad book or a book about activism (rasicm, female rights etc.) I don’t think anyone would read it :joy::joy:

What do you wright?

I write fan fiction mostly on top of original works (if someone commissions it), I sometimes roleplay with my friends, I write on my personal blog, and I’m looking to expand on it.

There’s nothing wrong with having a diary. Everyone starts somewhere in their journey to writing.

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Fan fiction? Do you have example’s of what sory of fiction? Which book etc.?

Wow your tumblr look’s soo cool!!

Lol it looks pretty average. I wanted to primarily focus on that tumblr being a writing blog. I got a little carried away with some of the reblogs haha.

But thank you so much for the compliment. c:


You’re welcome! I hope you succeed!

Is there a big market for your kind of stuff? (sorry I really don’t know!)

It depends on what I’m trying to offer. I want to offer services involving editing and such as well. Maybe even ghostwriting too.

It’s all about networking and finding clients. I’ve only recently just started and it’s a big overwhelming tbh.


yes, I totally get that!

What hobbies and interests do you have?

I’m not sure if you read any of my writing either, but if you ever want to commission anyone, let me know. c:

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Welcome. Just a small point you may wish to consider. Maybe lower your prices until you move up the levels. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

welcome, I also joined about two days ago and I am also passionate writer

Hmm, may I ask why?

I charge $0.01 per word on all the other platforms I advertise on. I technically charge a different rate for my erotica as well, but I’ll compromise on here.

That’s awesome, how do you like it here?

What sort of materials do you write? Creative writing, fiction, nonfiction, fanfiction, etc?