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Hello everyone from an Italian seller!

Hello to everyone,
My name’s Carlo and I’m really glad to join your community. I started my journey last september and now I wish to share some experiences with you all!


Good luck
Forza juve :grin:

Welcome to fiverr forum

Welcome to the Fiverr Family

Ciao Carlo, welcome on board!

Hello @foroyar,
Welcome to the community.

Ciao. Benvenuto alla questa famiglia.

Ciao Carlo! Anche io sono Italiana.
Welcome to Fiverr community!

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Welcome to the Fiverr Community

Welcome to the community. :smiley:

Ciao Carlo, credo che la community italiana di Fiverr sia piuttosto estesa :laughing: Benvenuto!

good luck and welcome to the family

Welcome to Fiverr! :blush:

welcome to fiverr community best wishes for you

Thanks to everyone, you’re very very kind!
Grazie anche a voi ragazzi, buona fortuna col vostro lavoro!

Ok thats great. Keep going sir.