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Hello Everyone Here, Can you please help about my problem


Hello Everyone Here, Can you please help about my problem. I have two 3 gig in my account. my two gig are sell a lot. first 4 montht I sell more and everyday I got 3 or 4 order and so many messages. I already complete 150 order and all review are good, every buyer are satisfy about my services and when any buyer search gig by my searching tag then my gig are show at very top of first pages. but last 4 day I did not received any meesages and any order and I seen that my gig are not show in first pages after search, now it show in 3rd pages. my gig moved 1st pages to 3rd pages. I am so frastrated about this and so worry. can you pleaase help and tell me why this happend ? how can I take my gig in previous positoin? and can you please give some suggetion. my old buyer gave me 3 or 4 order last 2 day but still my gig show in 3rd pages, I was think that if I receive some order again may be it will go previous position first pages but it still show in 3rd pages. this month 3 or 4 order was late due buyer they did not gave requirement and not response me.

My fiverr success suddenly stopped

This is probably why your gig dropped in rank. You need to cancel and not let an order be late, ever for any reason.

Your competition can take over your good place in the rankings if you mess up this way.


It is normal when you are cancelling or delivering late that you drop in rank


It’s Normal issue. no worry do marketing


Thanks everyone here for response. Actually I am so fratrated that my gig are not show in first pages after search and I am not getting any order last 5 day and no messages. @saimansakib @arty182925 @misscrystal do you think that I will get my previous position again?


If you doing good job and not cancelling orders, bad reviews or delivering late, then yeah.

But, remember, there are many sellers on Fiverr and everyone can’t be on the first page.


Yes, it is normal and quite typical. Fiverr wants to incentivize sellers to give excellent customer service.

Also, remember that there are also many conditions outside of your control that influence where you rank in search results here. Don’t assume that the algorithm will always favour you when your ratings are good and you’re getting sales or that your place in search results will stay the same as long as you perform well.

In any case, try not to worry. Seeing you in your category section is only one of many ways a buyer can discover you and engage with your gig.


You are still doing a good job and having good results. As I understand you got 150 orders in 4 months where some people wait for months to get their first order.

Don’t take it as granted that fiverr will show your gig always on the first page. And don’t get frustrated about that, that’s not going to go well for you psychologically as fiverr changing things a lot and all the time: today your are on the top tomorrow on the bottom and all the way around.
But if you are worried then do marketing and solely rely on fiverr algorythm.


Unfortunately, your gigs do not belong on the front page of search results, just because you want them to be there. Be a great seller, deliver top-quality on-time work that earns positive reviews, and you might see better visibility. You need to earn your success. Fiverr is not going to just give it to you because you think they should.

Business requires risk, trustworthiness, and a service people love. You’re going to need to carefully develop all three of these if you wish to be successful anywhere – even here on Fiverr.


@jonbaas if I don’t get any order and any messages how can I be a great seller, deliver top-quality on-time work that earns positive reviews? last 6 day I did not receive any messages, no order and buyer are not visiting my gig and because my gig not show in 3 pages. actually I am so fratrated about this


And what did you do in those days? Did you just sit and wait for someone to message you?

Being a freelancer is a full time job and the word “seller” speaks for itself. You need to sell but not just wait when your clients will find you.

If one way of just waiting is not working you need to explore another path. Learn marketing and promote your services to your target audience.

Success comes to those who act but not just sitting and waiting. I always follow the rule of 50/25/25. Which means I spend 50% of my time for doing actual orders, 25% of time for marketing and 25% of time for developing new products, services or investing in learning new skills.

Are you doing at least what I describe here?


Why are you relying on Fiverr to provide all of your customers and sales? If you want to succeed, you are going to have to think independently, and act like a businessman. This means taking the time to reach out to your target customers (wherever they can be found), marketing and promoting your services, and showing those customers how you can solve their problems. You are going to have to convince those customers to hire you, instead of one of your thousands of competitors.

You are in business, therefore, you need to compete for your orders, and be better than your competition. If you choose not to do this, your competition will receive all of the orders. You cannot sit back, do nothing, and expect to become successful. That is not how business, the business world, or Fiverr works.

If you are having financial problems, then you have two options: One, start treating your gigs like a business – market, promote, advertise, reach out, experiment, etc… do what you need to in order to bring in more customers who are willing to hire you. Or, two, sit back and continue to complain because you want Fiverr to make you successful without any hard work on your part.

Another option to consider as well: If you really don’t have enough food to eat, then maybe you need to go find another, more stable and consistent job. It seems odd to me that, if you cannot provide the necessities of life, you here doing nothing to improve your circumstances. Go find a job that pays, and use some of your free time to improve your gigs and services here. Then, you’ll have food on the table, and you’ll be able to work hard to make things work here when you have the time.


same to me. My gig click and impression is also decreasing


@mariashtelle1 @jonbaas i share my gig in social media everyday, is there any specific marketing system ? can please give some suggetion/link to learn how to marketing gig? i spend my whole time for fiverr job.


What works for us wouldn’t work for you.
You just said that you haven’t had messages or orders for 6 days, so that means that you didn’t work on fiverr these days right? And now you are telling that you’ve been busy working on fiverr all the time.

It’s YOUR business and YOUR responsibility to invest your time in educating yourself.