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Hello everyone . how can i get my money back if the seller does not do the order

i wonder if fiverr get my money back automatically via paypal . if not how can i get my money back . please respond :)]

what a joke fiverr thinks they are some kind of trust fund!!

I don’t remember ever signing any legal documents stating I will be the Beneficiarie of my own funds or Giving fiverr ownership and control of my own money held by a trustee pursuant to the terms of the trust or contract.

This is not a legitimate act on fiverrs behalf even if there was an electronic acknowledgment between the two parties it holds NO merit.

Give the people back there money you have no right holding funds on second behalf.

Guys and girls you are all well withing legal law for full refund of personal assets as resulting in failure of fiverrs indorsed contractors falling to deliver works in exchange for your personal funds. Hiding a “no refund” policy in the fine print is misleading to the consumer and boarders on terms and condition misconception on behalf of the consumer also impeding on consumer civil rights. - See more at:

Reply to @wise111: Fiverr’s policy of returning funds as Fiverr credit is clearly spelled out in their Terms of Service that you agree to upon signing up as a member for the site. In reading the TOS, I don’t think that the language used or text is misleading or hidden. Fiverr’s TOS really isn’t that long, either, so you don’t have to wade through hours of reading to find their refund policy. It’s there, clear as day.

I think that a lot of people simply don’t bother to read service agreements or Terms of Service before agreeing to them or using Fiverr. If users took a few minutes to read Fiverr’s TOS, it would probably help them to better understand the Fiverr system that they’re using and know what exactly they’ve agreed to.