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Hello to get views and clicks?

hello to get views and clicks ??
this is my new gig.
help me to get orders.
thank you


Hi. You can try to add your facebook, twitter and linkedin account to your fiverr account. And also marketing your there will help you a lot to get click and views. If your gig have some unique content and pictures are good. I am also new and I follow this step… :slight_smile:


thank you very much …

Are you actually ready for the orders?
Your last reviews show that you were not able to deliver on time. I can see that those were given a long time ago, but buyers will still see those reviews.

If I was a buyer and I see that your last reviews were about cancellations and you haven’t delivered anything for months, then I doubt I would hire you :frowning:

I think at this point you have to bring in a few external clients. You need someone who agrees to purchase your service and doesn’t mind using Fiverr for it. Someone who doesn’t care what your rep is on this platform. Someone who has purchased from you before and knows that you can deliver on time.

Social media doesn’t help you much right now because there are way to many red flags and most likely they will pick one of your competitors. At least that’s what I would do if I came trough FB and ended up on your profile. It has nothing to do with your skill, it’s just a lack of trust in your ability to deliver based on the past reviews :slight_smile:


i forgot to on vacation some buyers hired me then canceled orders.because i was outside of my mistake :cry::cry::cry::cry:

It happens. We all make mistakes, but right now I think some old clients might save you.
New clients will be reluctant to hire you because those reviews are there no matter how old.

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so what can i do for this mess?? open new fiverr account ??

External old clients

thank you for advice

You must follow @uxreview suggestions.