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Hello everyone) I am a new user of fiverr: I have no orders for more than 2 days

Hello everyone) I am a new user of fiverr: I have no orders for more than 2 days, maybe I did not set it up correctly or wrote Gig? can nodo wait a little and that’s ok. But I’m worried that my gig is not visible in the topic, you can give advice on the gig, what mistakes beginners make or advice to promote the gig) I will be glad for your answer!)


Welcome to the Forum,

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continue your heard work and then communicate with the byers with good manners and fullfill their need parfectly


Sorry to hurt the vibes but 2 days is nowhere near how long it can take to get your first order. It took me a month I think. You should be visible but you might not be on some of the first pages. There might be nothing wrong with your gig but you just need to wait. Also take the English test because I think the algorithm can rank you higher.


Thanks for the answer, I will wait and develop the gig )


Few tips to improve your gig

Add more images to the gig portfolio:
Create a collage with the arts you draw. It will boost your gig. Because Image is the first impression it must be perfect as possible to attract buyers.

Write a gig description about the services you offer. (not only package details)
Write a short and sweet description of your services you offer. Don’t put just package details. You have a package section to do that.

Example for the gig description:

  • Introduction about you (1 or 2 sentences.)
  • Services from this gig : (bulleted list) Eg: Illustration, portrait illustration, etc.
  • What you need to give me: (bulleted list): Eg: Reference images, Idea, etc.
  • Why me? (bulleted list) Eg: Unlimited revisions, 24-hour express delivery, etc.

Add 3 packages if possible
If you can put 3 packages go for it. so the buyer can order with their needs.
Package 1: 1 figure
Package 2: 2 figures with source files.
Package 3: 4 figures with source files with unlimited revisions

Note: This is an example you can customize the package as your wish. Simply go to the gig edit > Scope and pricing section.

Add FAQ’s
The FAQ is one of the best options in your gig. You can add frequently asked questions and answers. So buyers can easily understand what you are offering and what you are not.

This will help to boost your gig. And welcome to Fiverr. :hugs:


Welcome, be patient, and send the buyer request daily.

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It took me 6 months for my first order.


don’t be hopeless. I am also created my account almost 2 month ago but don’t get order. but I am not hopeless. I am till now waiting and i believe, I will get order very soon.


Thank you so much for your advice )

Thank you for your answer ) I will develop the gig and wait for customers

Welcome and be patience! You will be successive.

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First of all, you need to be patient, but not that kind of patient that stays still and does nothing. Go make some research, on the internet, on blogs or also here in the Forum - there are so many precious advices and tips here, you just have to search for them, that’s what the search bar at the top was made for :slight_smile: