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Hello Everyone! I am Digimucktadir


My objective is as a hardworking and sincere individual, looking forward to enrolling my skills and knowledge and implement it to reach the peak of my career as well as uplift the image of the institution I work in. I have over 5 years of well-rounded Supply Chain Management experience in Telecommunication industry. Handled delivery of around 500 million USD Project, more than 3500 BTS site delivery with a strict deadline, managed warehouse of 100,000 sft and handled local & global vendors. But somewhere the excitement and recognition was missing over there. Thus I started to think of doing something new in a different way. At that moment I started learning digital marketing and it is almost 2 years I have been working in this sector. Finally, I have got a professional certification in Digital marketing (SEO, SMM, Google Adward, E-mail Marketing, Content writing). It did not fill in my thirst and start feeling the lack of web-development knowledge. To meet that goal I started learning Web-development and finally got a certification on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Wordpress. Now I am quite confident and enrich to work in this sector. I hope I made the correct mixture in my portfolio. I hope I can ensure quality results and I am more value-focused rather than function focused when introducing to any new opportunities. That’s why I am here in Fiverr. Also, I have finished my MBA…

Again it was nice to know you all and hope to co-operate with each other as a team to role over other marketplaces…

Fiverr rocks


Which certification? From Coderstrust?
You might want to be careful with that because Coderstrust is a joke. I won’t go into detail here, but if you’re in the right FB groups and communities then you’ll find more info on this. You can even do a simple search in Google and find their reviews. I hope you didn’t spend money on it.

An average Joe probably doesn’t care much about the certification and amongst developers this is a community of wannabes.


It is not the matter where I have got the certification from, rather How much I know and what I am capable of. If you have any order please come up to me relate to my gigs and only then you can judge my level of work. Thanks again