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Hello Everyone! I am new in Fiverr

Allow me to introduce my self my name is Farhan, I am from Indonesia. I just graduated from university with a bachelor of law degree in March 2020 and right now I am still looking for a job.

So because of that, I joined Fiverr to find a work base on my skills and experiences, and I still need your help that already became a professional freelancer in Fiverr about how to improve my gigs and get the impression.

I have a skill besides my studies program in graphic design, that I got from experiences in my college organization and from selling my own t-shirt product in social media. I especially do t-shirt, banner, logo, sticker, and vector.

End of the word nice to meet you all, and please kindly give any advice for this newbie Fiverr person :slight_smile:

here it is my account My Fiver Account


Welcome to Fiverr family

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Welcome to the community.

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Welcome to

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Hi Farhan

Welcome to Fiverr. How is Indonesia doing? How is the virus situation there?

Are you looking for a job in your field or are you looking to expand your earning opportunities in freelance marketplaces. I am not a very professional freelancer here but I can tell you that always be persistent. Many people give up in their initial days due to lack of orders and no interest from buyers due to their new profiles. But once you get through that hard phase with hardwork and patience you’ll surely unlock doors for you that will lead you to your success.

It was nice to meet you too Farhan.
Best of Luck. Stay Blessed and Stay Safe.


Welcome to Fiverr Forum — thanks for contributing!
Also i am new here in fiverr. I am professional video editor , photo retoucher.

Nice to meet you.
Best of Luck. Stay Blessed and Stay Safe.

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thank you, for your welcome @razzmiraz

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thank you, for your welcome @sahrear_anik

Thank you, for your welcome @mshahareja

Welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @usamaathar368 for your welcome!

Right now, Indonesia is still in a crisis situation due to Corona Virus, especially in Jakarta, the victim of this virus is growing up every day. Right now some of the places in Indonesia that affected by the virus are in quarantine, including my place.

Yes, I will be looking for a job in my related field after the pandemic is clear in Indonesia, but right now I will focus as a freelancer in Fiverr, and I hope I can grow up my account every day. My plan in the future, after the situation is clear I will make my job in Fiverr as my side job.

Anyway, thank you for your advice, right now I am still finding a way to make my gigs better and get more impression in Fiverr.

Nice to meet you too!


Thank you for your welcome @shudipto09 nice to meet you too.

Let’s contribute together and learn from the veteran in Fiverr to make our account is better and bigger. Cheers. :smiley:

thank you, for your welcome @ritu_islam :slight_smile:

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yes obviously ! why not.

Hi, welcome to fiverr forum
Have a good day.
So your are a new seller so you need to follow some fiverr rolls. and You should learn about fiverr. Need hard work to getting first success.
Thank you


You’re always welcome.

Sad to hear this virus situation. Such is the case in Pakistan too. I hope that it gets better soon.

Yeah, it is such a good idea. Keep on growing here and when you get your main job, do keep it as a side job as it is such an amazing platform and offers wide range of earning opportunities.

In order to make your gigs better, write a comprehensive description for them. Give it time. Include high quality images and videos. Offer best possible services in least possible rates. Be nice to your potential customers and buyers and always be adaptive to their requirements and demands.

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welcome Sir…

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well come to the world of freelancer


Welcome to you in Fiverr community.


Welcome and carry on :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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