Hello everyone! I have three queries

  1. Please let me know how to edit my offer once I have already sent it?
  2. I have a limit to send 10 offers per day. How do I increase that? Can I buy a membership?
  3. As a seller, what is the fees I have to pay to Fiverr once am awarded a project?

Thank you in advance. Take care!

  1. You can’t edit your offer once you send it my friend.
  2. You can’t increase the limitation of the offer you can send in buyer request. But don’t worry this amount is reset each day means you can send 10 offer agan tomorrow.

  1. Fiverr Will takes 20% of your order revenues, but the calculation for using Getty images Stock image Will be different with this.

  1. Once you submit an offer you can’t change it but when the buyer contacts you, then you give them another offer.

  2. 10 offer are the max so as to keep it fair to everyone, you can’t buy any membership to change this but the offers reset at mid night in my case at 3 am.

  3. Fiverr will deduct a 20% fee out of the total selling price 5$ - 20% = 4$.

Additional. Your funds will remain in your fiverr account for 14 days after which you will be able to withdraw them.


Thank you gunawanguan and phantompower for clearing it for me. Really appreciate! Thanks again! Cheers!