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Hello everyone, I haven't received orders for a month, how can I promote my gig

Hello everyone, I haven’t received orders for a month, how can I promote my gig, help please :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Hang in there, brighter days are ahead of you. For the meantime, just keep honing the skill that you created the gig for. Good luck.

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hello everyone how are you, i haven’t received orders for a month i don’t know what the problem is exactly i want to know how i can promote my gigs and if there is any more solutions I would be delighted to hear your opinions

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Maybe you want to check your thumbnail. Sometimes a buyer will look at your thumbnail in a few seconds. If you have more engaging videos or gig videos, it will make buyers look at your gigs. You might want to check your description/video or images to see if your gigs will make you more approachable to buyers

Hi, Thank you for your question,

  1. Spent more time on Fiverr
  2. share your gigs on social media
  3. make your gigs more attractive :slight_smile:
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Doesn’t work… None works