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Hello everyone, I’m new in this forum

Hello everyone I’m new to freelancing and selling, I really need your help. I’m really young and i want to experience business before adulthood. I have many ambitions. and I hope you guys can help me?


Welcome to Fiverr Community. :heart::heart:

Freelancing is for the most patient and hardworking people, and work hard everyday with full trust and confidence in the God and you will be successful.
You have to be patient and keep up the good word and increase activity. Success will come for sure today or tomorrow. Share your gigs as much as you can. Try to sent buyer request as much as you can with unique style and format.

Thank you, Animul Ilam


Welcome to our community, If you need to know anything then you told here, here are all buddy very helpful.Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]


Here are some Tips to get order:

Create 7 gig
keyword research and good SEO
attractive gig image
send buyer request regularly
gig marketing
stay active on Fiverr (Fiverr forum)
Good Luck