Hello Everyone, I’m new on Fiverr Forum!


Hello there!
I’m Tiago Silva, I’m from Portugal and I have 18 years old.
I’m a freelancer designer, working in fiverr more or less 1 year and half. Besides that I’ve started learning design stuff since I was 12 years old, everything started with a banner for the youtube, now here I am, trying to make some money from a serious hobby.
I’m starting in the university in Software Engineer, hope that give me some knowledge in programming so I can complement my design passion.

Hope everyone have a great experience in Fiverr, and let’s all learn from each other.
Anything you want to talk with me, go ahead, I’m friend of you all :slight_smile:

Stay safe.


Fiverr Forum! Welcome to.
Let’s invite you to share your valuable ideas and knowledge.


Welcome​:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: stay strong and tall. Work hard


May you live long


Welcome to Fiverr community. Hope you will learn lots of selling ideas from here and achieve great success.


Welcome to fiverr forum. Always try to spend time here. This forum is so helpfull…


Welcome to Fiverr Forum!
Let’s invite you to share your valuable ideas and knowledge. @thanks




wellcome to fiverr forum.I hope you will enjoy this.


Welcome to fiverr forum. Hope you will learn many things from fiverr


Welcome to fiveer forum


welcome to fiverr forum.


wish you all the best !


Wish All the best junior (Y) Keep work very hard

Well i’m also a software engineer it’s sounds good :wink:
God Bless you


welcome to fiverr forum. all the best


Welcome @tiagoprymus to the fiverr forum. Also new here and learning as much about this community. Have fun


Wellcome to fiberr forum