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Hello everyone i`m new to fiverr

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My new account,
Hello everyone, I salute all, I am Mohammad Rakib Hasan. I have four years of graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and technology and business experience. Now I’m interested in working on firewalls. Because I did my education

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I can do a lot of things on fiverr with different things. Now I am teaching at an outsourcing training center. But basically I’m more skilled at graphics and design and digital marketing. With this, I have written good writing

Help me do the job


You may review your writing then, the website calls FIVERR, and not FEVER.
Welcome to the jungle!


what is it ?

What do you want to say about me? I created a new fever account. Help me get the job.

So instead of thanking me for bringing up a silly mistake from your side, you just correct it and behave like a small child? As nobody has seen you couldn’t even write Fiverr properly? You even wrote it wrong again in your unpolite answer:

It calls FIVERR and not FEVER.
How can you sell a Gig about translations and marketing when you cannot even read how the website where you want to work is called?
Should I be so direct with you or you need it even more direct? Be my guest…

Would you like us to bring you coffee and cake while we look for clients for your Gigs also?


Thanks for rectifying me.

Now that I’ve established dominance, I may tell you two things:

1- Be careful when writing descriptions and offers in your Gigs, and also when sending Offers to potential clients. Grammar mistakes could put a client into alert mode, they don’t want to deal with miscommunication with their sellers.

2- Use the first days to learn, read the Forums, inform yourself, lurk into other Gigs that offer the same services as yours to see how the business looks like. Improve your Gigs, be flexible and see what strategy works well for you.

Patience is key.

Note: don’t take everything so personal, we’re all like a big family here… and I’m the black sheep :wink:


Hello everybody,I salute everyone,I am Mohammad Rokib Hasan. I have experience in Graphics & Design,Digital Marketing,Writing & Translation,Programming & Tech and Business all about 4 years. Now I am interested in working at Fever.Because I have accomplished my learning.So, Place your Order now.

Lets all be nice and friendly to rokih49 hes new here. Im also new so I dont have much advice yet, but I hope you find this website useful Mohammad :penguin:

I think he was just confused about what you said I don’t think he was trying to be rude at all. :sunflower:

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thank you for your good talk