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Hello everyone, i need your help and advice to get my account back from restrictions

Hello everyone, I’m a new seller with 30+ completed jobs…A buyer reported me for just 10$ job which he begged me for and after doing everything i ca for the service i charge over 20$ at $10 he charged back after the funds is cleared and get my account restricted.
I need your advice and help to get my account back on Fiverr
Thanks for your ideas

Fiverr is not restricting account because of charge backs. Most of us actually were in the situations with chargebacks.

What was the reason in the email that fiverr sent you?

P.S you are also using a stock photo for your account which is a misrepresentation of your identity.


Hi ankit khan,

Your account was flagged
for using the delivery button
to send incomplete, partial,
or an empty delivery
To provide a pleasant
buyer/seller experience, we
ask that you deliver the
requested work within the
agreed upon time frame.
Abusing the delivery button
is a violation of our Terms of
Service and harms the
integrity of our marketplace
We recommend changing
your delivery time or
extending the delivery time
within the order (if you are
unable to meet the

This email only for a warning not an account restriction.

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