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Hello everyone, if not difficult to rate my gigs


My videoeditings gigs, check now)


There’s a saying: ‘Weighing the pig won’t make it fatter’

You can ask other sellers to check your gigs as as often as you like - it probably won’t make any difference at all I’m afraid.

The folks you want to checkout your gigs are buyers - go and find them, and get them to your gig. Only then will you know if your gig’s going to do well or not. :slightly_smiling_face:


In this you are wrong, since any views of the gigs raise it in the rating, which accordingly leads to a purchase


So you’re asking forum users to visit your gigs, on the pretext of rating your gigs, when what you really want is increased traffic.

Understandable I suppose, but why bother with the whole ‘rate my gigs’ thing?

Just promote you gig if you want to without the added subterfuge. :slightly_smiling_face:


in my opinion, I do not do anything forbidden, right?)


You can promote your gig in My Fiver Gigs if you want - it just seems a bit pointless to ask for users to ‘rate your gigs’ when you’re not interested in what any of us think anyway.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


in this you are wrong, all the answers that were previously written to me by users in my other surveys were taken into account


@merciavideo is absolutely right. And I guess if you are convinced that he is wrong and what you think is right then there is no point of you creating more topics and asking for advices.

But this is completely wrong. Views of the gigs are not impacting your “rating” or nowhere was given proof of this. Please read the forum again on how gig impressions, views and clicks work and what it’s based on. I’m not going to try to educate you more here and you don’t need to argue with me or with @merciavideo.
You are the one who need to invest time in your business including educating yourself on the matter. Or you can keep doing what you do right now and hope that you’ll get more orders.

Good luck.


Thanks for good advice