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Hello everyone! I'm a new seller here in fiverr

I’m John Aldrick, and I’m new to fiverr. I do Photoshop editing and a little bit of music/video editing as well. Looking forward to see where this new journey of mine takes me.
I hope I’ll get along with everyone!

have a nice day and keep safe!! :slight_smile:



golden points

use your own content
dont make more ID’s on fiverr
be good to customers
deliver work on time
dont use other profile bios . gigs , FAQ or any other data
dont use google images more
greet customers and get the reorders

thats all

all the best buddy :slight_smile:

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Noted. Thank you so much! :blush:

Hi, I am new 2, do you know How it works? I"m confused. How we suppoused to sell our voices???

Have you read through the helpful articles in Fiverr’s Help and Support section? I bet that section will tell you exactly how to sell a service here on Fiverr. Please be willing to do your own research before jumping into a new site/market.

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I haven’t sell anything yet, but I believe sharing your gig to other social media accounts would greatly help.

Also, there are a lot of helpful tips here in forum.