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Hello everyone, i'm a new seller on fiverr, and i'm her to talk about the big problem for new sellers

when i start crate gig in fiverr i noticed that gig of new sellers doesn’t appearance in normal page. because fiverr platform cipe them in another category “new sellers”. for me thats racist for new sellers who thas have a great potential. i’m realy start to feel bored in this web site. but i’m not going to give up. so any one have experience in freelancing on another site web better than feverr, pleas leave it to me in comment.

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First of all you need to learn meaning of the word “racist”.

Secondly fiver showing your gig on different positions for different people: if you see it on one page then other person might see it on a different page.

A lot of new users complained that they don’t get an exposure and fiverr gave them that even if they have to move top rated and level 2 sellers to the last pages (which non of us old sellers like as sometimes new gigs with stolen images appearing on the first page)

So fiverr gave you exposure as a new seller more than before and you are still complaining that it’s not enough. Pfff :triumph:
We had to start when we didn’t have even this kind of exposure from fiverr and with our hard work some of us still made it. It all depends on you but not on where fiverr showing you. You have to prove first that you deserve that place.


I looked at your profile.

It appears your profile write up is not in English which is the language Fiverr wants you to use. Also, the majority of buyers speak English, so having your profile in English is a benefit to you.


That isn’t racist. Wow.


Fiverr forum is a place for fiverr users to talk about fiverr but nothing else.


New sellers are not a race, so it can’t be racist.

Fiverr is giving new sellers additional exposure by creating a separate category for them. Buyers are often interested in new things (just think of marketing and how many things get sold just because they’re labeled as new).

You have joined this month. Some sellers have waited for months to get their first sale.

There’s no freelancing website that can guarantee you that you’ll get sales immediately.


Based on your definition of racism, I don’t think there are ANY freelancing websites that are not racist. This is the only form of racism I agree with.


Thanks for the pep talk :nerd_face: that very Inspiring.

Thanks for your advice :heart:

@catwriter you’re a wise person, i understand your perspective, i didn’t see it that way before. and thank you for sharing that with us. :heart: :heart: