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Hello Everyone. I'm from Canada and am a new member on this forum

Hello all! I’m Annie from Canada and i’m back on fiverr after being away for a year. I am looking to create some more income and figured this would be a great place to start! I write ebooks on how to create passive income and other forms of income and am also a colour stylist :slight_smile: I have a really easy time writing content but when it comes to marketing and driving traffic to my gigs from outside avenues I’m not the greatest. I hope to improve on marketing materials my pictures aren’t the most professional but i’ll get there eventually) and also adding more video content. The first and only video I made took 2 hours for a 20 second video clip. lol is this normal???

Nice to meet everyone


Welcome to the forum!

Everyone’s normal varies wildly. My cowboy gig videos took about a whole day to shoot and several hours to edit while my funny/unusual spokesperson gig video took several hours to shoot and a whole day to edit.

I’m sure there are sellers who smash out a gig video in less than 30 minutes, but I have a tendency to make elaborate gig vids. :nerd_face:

As for marketing and promoting outside of Fiver, I haven’t done a single thing and am on Fiverr specifically because sellers do not have to actively hunt down buyers, and buyers (hopefully) come to you. I realize doing outside marketing and networking would likely be a smart thing to do, but I’m not a big fan of trying to sell myself to strangers. :man_shrugging:

That’s what one of the TRS shared in the fiverr workshop yesterday as well. They believed fiverr does enough to market. They also stated that it wasn’t a perfect response but that’s what they did.

On the contrary there are posts mentioning leveraging reddit/LinkedIn for orders!

A simple 1 minute screencast takes me around 10 minutes to edit and annotate.

A creative video, I’m sure, involves soooooooooo much more in terms of script, VO, editing, what nots!

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