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Hello everyone I'm Ivanka, I registered on fiverr today and I would be really happy if you'd check out my gigs

Hello everyone I’m Ivanka, I registered on fiverr today and I would be really happy if you’d chech out my gigs :heart:


Hi Ivanaka, Welcome to fiverr, Hope you will be successful in this marktplace.

I would suggest you to check your gig status regularly.

Best Regards

Hi lvanaka,most welcome…
i would suggest you stay online all time.

Looks nice - best wishes on your Fiverr journey!

I have 'cheched" out your gigs. Now what? :wink:

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welcome to fiverr with best wishes.


Welcome here.Hope you doing well in fiverr.Nice to meet you.:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


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Thank you for advice :heart:

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Thank you very much :heart:

Thank you :heart: I am still learning but it is getting better

Thank you for support :heart:

Hello Ivanka,

Good luck on your journey though might I recommend you edit your post & either make one of your words a hyperlink to your gig or perhaps post a link directly?

It would save time for those interested in browsing , as they’d need to hop over & search you out.

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hello lvanaka, welcome to fiver , hope you will earn match more $ to fiverr pro.
thanks for your post.

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Hello. Good. Best wishes for your journey

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best of luck…hope u will become a successful freelancer

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Welcome on fiverr :relaxed:
Hope you will get many order.
Best of luck. :blush: @wonderingivanka

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Hi Ivanka im also new here welcome on fiverr

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warn welcome here on fiverr

Welcome and best of luck on Fiverr!

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