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Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum

Hello Guys and Girls

I’m new to freelancing and selling, I really need your help. I’m really young and i want to experience business before adulthood. I have many ambitions, hope you guys can help a youngster like me. So pros i need an advice! I have many questions.

My Questions:
How can i get more order?
How many times should i promote a week?
Is Impressions good for new sellers?


No.1- First of all, You should develop your skill, active on fiver, fiver forum etc.
No. 2- I don’n know.
No-3- Yes, of course, It’s very important for new sellers.


active on fiverr forum
share your gigs on social media…
love exchange
otherwise be patient bro


Welcome to the fiverr forum.

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Develop your skills,and start selling,

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Thank you so much! i will remember this.

thank you for welcoming me, glad to be here

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Ohhh so it was a good idea to go here, thank you!

I’m currently developing and practicing my skills and i’ve just started selling yesterday. Thanks!

First of all Welcome to the Fiverr forum

Your Questions:

  • How can I get more order
  • How many times should I promote a week
  • Are impressions good for new sellers


  • Share your gigs on social media it’s help you to get order
  • I don’t understand what you are saying (How many times should I promote a week)
  • Yes impression and click are very important to sellers

I think you got the your questions answer

Thank you so much
Fiverr forum

Likhon Ahmed


good, welcome to Fiverr forum.


Very well written thank you! and i’ll work on my grammar more lol.
Regarding to the second questions, i mean how many times should i promote my fiverr in social medias.
Thanks Likhon!

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum @kohe_michino

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Thank you for the warm welcoming @ritu_islam


As many times as your wish

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Wow, you must be a very good teacher.


Yes, I am in a category where there are uncountable gigs that is like mine and i would like to say i stand out but humbly i don’t stand out that much so if you can help me stand out more. I will appreciate it.

I don’t think of it as excellent and currently making a logo and yes i made this all on my own

You judge it and tell me

I didn’t copy it but I don’t think it’s unique

it is very much cheap as of right now

no, I’ve only went on this forum and I didn’t really think of going into Quora and Q&A sites but I will thanks to you

Thank you very much! i think i still lack on freelancing but i will try hard and work hard to learn more. Sorry for the wrong grammar

Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for a lot of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

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I’m reading alot of tips and infos, i’m learning alot. Thank you for your warm welcome, Best luck for you too

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active more time…
active more in forum
impression & click good

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