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Hello Everyone! I'm new to Fiverr


Hi Guys!
I’m Ameera May
I’m so excited to be part of this community.
I cant wait to start selling gigs and climbing up the rankings!
This seems like an awesome forum and I can’t wait to start learning and applying so that I can start earning.
I look forward to sharing and interacting with all you wonderful people.
Have a great day!


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


My first reply! Yay! Thank you so much.


Welcome to Fiver also The Fiverr forum.:slightly_smiling_face:


You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes


Welcome to the forum @ameeramayy! I wish you all of the best in your freelancing endeavors!




Welcome, just do it ti be proud of you