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Hello everyone! I'm Scott. A new voice over artist

Hello everyone!

I’m Scott Walton and I’m a voice over artist. I have been on fiverr for almost 2 weeks and I got my first order and got to work on 2 buyer requests! I’m really excited at the possibilities of making real money at this part time. I work as an aircraft mechanic at my day job. Now I’m hoping to learn to get more orders and build my business.

I’m very excited to perhaps create with you!


Welcome, Scott! I’m a VO too! I wish you much success on Fiverr. I’m sure you’ll find the community here very supportive.

Bookmarked you for later! What type of VO do you do? Any dramatic performances or mostly just spots and ads?

I’ve never done a dramatic read, but I have acted and I’ve been a performing musician for most of my life. Thanks for bookmarking me, and I will do the same. I want to branch out into character voice acting for sure!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Scott Walton

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Thank you so much! Good success to you as well!

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All the best to you Scott, may you achieve what you set out to do. Nice that you got that first order within two weeks. Make some money and have some fun doing it.

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:grinning:Thank you so much! I wish you great success as well!