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Hello Everyone! It's capybara time!

I’m new a new seller on fiver. Do you guys have any tips on how I can get my survives to be noticed :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you :slight_smile:


Love them. I want one as a pet.


Not exactly sure what you mean here. :thinking:

I do think being alive is an integral component of becoming a potentially successful freelancer. :ghost:


As Much as possible stay online daily send 10 buyer request. Hope you will get good result.


try to stay online as much as you can in the platform, seo is the key so try social media marketing your services, and when you receive an order, do your best , on time delivery is a must. and keep conversion ratio up. then you are good to go.

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That would be called OnlyFans, we actually work here.

Not sure what you mean either! I didn’t know there was an influx of popular dead people on Onlyfans.

That would be…quite disturbing.

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The only condition for that site is to have a pulse, but we freelance with actual skill here lol. That is technically a freelance site, but Fiverr takes skills.

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Lol I just noticed that I put “survives” Lol oops :laughing:

Hi I think you should communicate with people or often and try hard and be passion

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Stay online as much as possible, send regular buyer requests, enrich yourself with Fiverr knowledge here in the community. From my point of view and research those works

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Welcome to Fiverr community :slight_smile:
I,m also new here.

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