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Hello everyone my name is Daisy and I'm new here in fiverr

hello everyone, Iā€™m new here in fiverr and Iā€™m very excited to meet and communicate with all of you. and feel free to check out my gigs I can make a chibi version of yourself! I really love drawing so why not make a living out of it. thank you and nice to meet you :blush: :blush:


Welcome to Fiverr! I hope you have a great time here. :slight_smile:

Hello Daisy,

You are most welcomed to Fiverr. I suggest you add search tags on your gigs to boost visibility. Two search tags will only help to widen the gap between you and potential buyers.

Moreover, be more creative and convincing, while staying professional. Show some heightened levels of determination, seriousness, and patience. You will get orders soon

Once again, welcome to Fiverr.

welcome @not_daisy to Fiverr Community, you can find all of your queries here and hopefully you can find a solution to it too.

Hay, welcome here! Stay connect, increase your skills and earn more. Thank you.