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Hello everyone, my name is Thomas and I'm new here

Hello everyone, I am a new salesman on fiverr. I’m from France and I’m going to work in graphic design, logo creation, banner design… Can’t wait to have my first customers…
Good sales to all and have a good day!


Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome into the Fiverr community!
It’s an exciting adventure and I hope you’ll find what you are looking for.
If you need any advice or help, please feel free to ask or search on the forum.
This forum is super active and I am sure you’ll find help whenever you need it.

Enjoy Fiverr.
Kind regards.


Hello, Thomas! Good luck to you!

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I am also new in site

Welcome into the Fiverr community, wish you the best.

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That is so great. I really wish you get orders real soon.

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Hello Thomas…
Welcome to Fiverr :heart:
Nice to meet you… I’m Razu from Bangladesh…a web designer and wordpress expert.

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