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Hello Everyone, need to ask about Fiverr limitations

Hello All,
I want to share my recent experience and want to know does it happen to every one regularly or are these policies from Fiverr.

I am reasonably new user, and got my first order from applying on a buyer request within 1-2 weeks. I got 5 start rating on that. The client was really supportive.
After I tried on multiple buyer requests and there is not a single response from any buyer.
Now I don’t get to see any single buyer request for like a week.
What is the issue in this and is there any other way I can get orders apart from buyer request?
Is there a Fiver Policy on showing limited buyer requests?


Yes! visit this topic, it might solve your doubts Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.)

Yes, people who need your service might find your gig in search and order from you directly.

Buyer requests were added as an afterthought, the main idea of Fiverr is that buyers search through available services and hire the seller with the gig they like best.

Thank you “mariayasir”.
Thankyou “catwriter”.

This clears much, and now I know that in Fiverr Buyer Requests are not the primary source of orders. It self promotion.
This thing I dont understand is that why will buyers search through hundreds if not thousands of pages from sellers and reach my new gig.

Right now this seems like more of a “profile hits/views”, “social media likes” and “profile favorites” that will bring one’s profile/gig in start of searches, rather than skills and quality work.

So how do we self promote on Fiverr?

Do we have to go out side of Fiverr to promote a fiver profile like seo and hits etc?
Isn’t Fiverr self sufficient?

Nope! it certainly requires a great deal of struggle.

You can use different platforms of social media to promote your gigs as the Fiverr itself suggests it, also social marketing is a great way to attract more traffic towards your services.

Am I missing something here?
I feel like stuck here…

My profile is way too deep in searches…
I am not getting buyer requests…
The ones I applied have not response probably due to time zone difference, be it I applied in seconds…
If my client forgets to review/rate, I get demoted in searches…
If my client replies too late because he is busy and I get my order late, there is negative marking on my profile…


So do we go forward?

Good rating, quality review, quality work, experience is merely a small part.
Its SEO and Social media that will bring profile in start of searches that might attract buyers.

I wonder when will I start getting orders! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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There’s a special section for new gigs, and there are buyers who search for new sellers (to help them, or because they might be able to get more for less while newbies work on establishing their profile).

Now, if you offer a service that thousands of others are offering, and if there’s nothing in your gigs that makes you stand out among others, getting sales is likely to be a huge problem.