Hello everyone, new photographer rolling into your town. :)


Just wanted to check in and share my happiness for being part of the community here on Fiverr. Checked the forum in the last couple hours and read some really insightful posts. Any photographers as regulars here?


Hello. My hubby is a retired master photographer and I was his retoucher way back when it was done on the negative and then finished with watercolors, oil paints, and pencils on the portrait. I looked at your images. You are a commercial photographer I see! Hubby was a portrait photographer.


Hi Vickie,
That business was a whole science back then. It required advanced skill level (from nowadays standpoint) almost right up from the start. That’s for sure. I try to make something commercial here obviously. But with a little twist. More interested in helping people that struggle with images for their product or service in an original and organic style, than shooting just boring and sterile pure white background product images. Will have to check, recheck, recheck again, consult, modify and see if there is any business for that type of service here. Hope to hear some suggestions from forum members on how to make my gig more appealing. :slight_smile:


I do not know why because I am a relative newbie, but your gig link does not work.


Fixed it. Thanks. :wink:


Yes, I see that. 20 letters