Hello everyone. New user here requesting some feedback on my gig. thank you


Hello everyone!

First of all, nice to meet you.

I am new on Fiverr and I would be really thankful if someone could give me some feedback on my gig.

Thank you.



Welcome to Fiverr, Richard!

I don’t do translation gigs but I still had a look at yours. To my knowledge, the structure is correct, your prices are fair and you speak to the buyer at a human level which is great!

I feel you should get orders if someone needs a service related to yours.

I noticed you haven’t used all 5 keyword tags in your gig. I would highly recommend you do so as they help your gig show up/rank in search results.

Also, do have a look at Buyers Requests. You can pitch your offers to any requests buyers make there. It will help you in getting that first order to get things going.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I try to give all my gigs a little polish every other day if i can.

I have been looking into the buyer requests every day since i joined and as soon as i see something in my area i will give it a go.

thank you again.


Hi. Nice to meet you too Richard. I have a couple of thoughts to share. Let’s start from the title.
I will translate english to portuguese 500 words
First of all, title is inaccurately structured. Try to reorganize the words, place the digits in the beginning. Secondly, it needs some compelling words. You may add some adjectives before the word Translate, for instance, accurately / precisely / perfectly etc. Thirdly, it might be a good idea to write 1000 words instead of 500 so that you won’t exclude the non-basic plans out of title. Also, Fiverr always leads the buyer to standard plans by default, which offers 1000 words in your case. So, in all, it may look like:
I will accurately translate 1000 English words to Portuguese.
I will translate 1000 English words to Portuguese accurately / precisely.
You could also make your title specific to not let your buyers wonder whether you offer translation of short books or articles or simply general posts and blogs etc.? For example:
I will translate translate <your/any/academic/general> English <article/blog/story/book> to Portuguese.

I may not have left room to comment on description in detail. But I’d suggest to make it concise. Convert the plain text to bullet points. Add some spice, some call-to-action sentences as well.

Finally, add one more tag. Always add 5 tags and choose the best ones that represent your gig to get the most out of it. Good luck! :slight_smile:


going to give the titles a little more love.

Thank you.