Hello everyone, newbie here!


Hello my name is Lyn. I am just starting out freelancing in areas of blog/article writing and eventually some digital marketing. Right now I’ve only posted one gig. Trying to figure this all out and how it works. Any tips? I’d appreciate any advice.




I would advise you to make cool Gigs, post them.on the social media and do bidding everyday. Bidding should be exactly relavant to the client’s demands. Also tag the Gigs in the relevant tags.


Here are some things to consider:

  1. Know your competition:
    It’s best to go through those categories to get an idea on the differences between pricing, gig description, types of packages, etc. This is will give you enough information to best position your gig competitively.

  2. Fiverr App:
    Like anything technological, when it works it’s great… Buyers ‘at times’ will search specifically for those that are online for an immediate response, etc. By having your app opened within your phone (during business hours), it will better your chances to receive inbox messages.

  3. Business model:
    Social proof most times helps ease the minds of potential clients. If they see rave reviews, this might be enough to have them order from you. With that all in mind. It might be a good to develop a ‘ramp up’ strategy… Where most fall flat is ‘they’ believe that they control their gig pricing. Sure that’s sort of true. But in essence the market determines all of that. So if your ultimate goal is $100 per article, maybe consider coming in at a lower price point that you can gain social proof and clientele and ramp up from there.

Those are really what I would call the ‘key 3’ for me…

Good luck and happy hunting.



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Check this out for how to get started on Fiverr: https://support.fiverr.com
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Create 7 gigs to fulfill your quota and send buyer requests daily to increase your sales.


Hi Lyn,

Welcome to Forum.

You can create up to 7 gigs at the starting level. I would recommend you study on others blog/article writing gigs and create more gigs. Keep in mind gig unique headline and description give better impressions, view and clicks.

Promote you gig on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.



Thank you so much!! These are great ideas and I really appreciate you taking the time to share them.


Excellent link. Thank you for sharing.