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Hello everyone! (newcomer)


Name/UN: Wesley

Time and Role: Seller, for just around a week.

Location/Origin: From the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

On Fiverr I sell IT related services which I’ve gained through my study. Currently 5 years of working experience as a IT Support Specialist. I do this as a hobby mainly, as I find it helps me to encounter a wide variety of problems which helps me to gain even more experience, furthermore, the earnings I make help me to further level up my career which helps me pay for additional courses. I also do translations from or to Dutch on the side!

Before Fiverr: Most of my life my hobby was mainly anything related to computers and this ultimately caused me to make a job of my hobby which is great! I also find that using Fiverr I get to help more people which brings a lot of satisfaction :slight_smile:

Hobbies: Reading, video games, movies, series, everything IT related!

Why should people buy from me?: I communicate well in English, I’m honest, I love what I do and I think outside of the box well! Also always happy to help out!

If you have any tips for me that would be great!


Welcome to Fiverr. Check out the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the Fiverr Academy.


Hi Wesley and welcome, your gigs look good to me, and I see you already got some orders and great reviews, you´ll probably be able to make do without any more tips than already are on the forum and academy :slight_smile: One tip from a fellow translator though - before you accept translation work from new clients, do check their source file and if it´s in such a bad English that you can hardly even guess what is meant, offer proofreading/re-writing of the source file first, or ask for a higher rate in either case, completely FUBAR English source files are the one thing you´ll lose time on, translation-wise.

And pity, I already thought you´re from the NCC-1701-D, when I saw the name, but the Netherlands are a cool place to be from still :wink:


Hello Mila! Thank you for the tips :slight_smile: And yes, I’m not Wesley Crusher :stuck_out_tongue: