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Hello everyone on the Fiverr!

Hello everyone!
My name is Karina.
I am a translator and content writer from Russia. I can translate from English into Russian and from Spanish into Russian.
Here is my new gig. How can I get the first order?


Welcome to fiverr forum…Happy to see your presence here…

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The URL above says Russian online teacher but your gig title and description is "I will editing,retouching,color correction photos in photoshop and lightroom ".

Your gig URL and actual gig must refer to the same service.

As you already have a gig to teach the Russian language suggest you delete this gig and put the link to your Russian language gig in your post above.


Simple Use Best keywords according to Your gig
promote your gig in different forums Use best sources and improve your communication skills


share your gig in social media.

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Hello and greetings from Greece. I believe this will help you

Good luck
Maria S.