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Hello everyone please guide me

I have a very bad experience with one buyer. He liked the designed after first delivery and asked for the source file. Once I provided him source file he asked for multiple, inconsistent changes and then asked to cancel the order. I have invested my 7-8 days working on all the work. I don’t want to cancel the order. I want to get paid. This buyer has got no reviews from any seller. I think he is tricking the Fiverr system and getting his work done for free. customer support will help me with this issue?


Don’t accept cancellation, just learn to say “NO”. Contact CS ASAP


Now he is continuously opening dispute to cancel order

If you really think that your job is done 100% as your client requested and the quality of the work is good - just don’t accept it! There are some scammers and they want everything to get free! Your work must be respected.

P.S - I don’t see what’s the work quality but that is what I suggest.


I checked you profile. You have multiple reviews, overall rating is good, You passed the Adobe Photoshop Test. I think you should be good, just contact CS and prove that your work is done right.


Thank you for your help :slight_smile:
but he will surely give me a 1-star review :neutral_face:

Yes, he will, probably. Contact support first and then decide, based on their answer.


I think order cancellation better than 1🌟 review.

yes, the one-star review is bad but I have invested my 7-8 days for this work. I contacted CS.
now waiting for CS response. Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

You can choose between losing one week of work or losing buyers totally :thinking:

Even if you get a poor review, you can explain the circumstances in your feedback to the review. Also, this let other scam buyers know you will not be cheated out of getting paid for the work you do. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is very bad but I suggest you cancel order. If the buyer complain on fiverr your account is must be banned.

Why would he care about losing such a scammer buyer. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why his account will be banned if he didn’t break any rules?
Please don’t scare other people with misinformation.

@creativeboymk if you think you delivered everything as promised in your gig then just decline al his cancellation requests with a message that you delivered everything as promised and also provided source files therefore order is not eligible for the cancellation as per fiverr TOS. But just to cover your back also write that if he has minor changes that falls under the original requirements you are happy to work on them.

CS most likely will tell you to resolve it with your buyer but you had to contact them so if your buyer will go to CS they would already know your side of the story and wouldn’t automatically cancel the order.


The buyer is continuously opening dispute to cancel the order, and I am rejecting.

The main thing to to mention TOS and that you delivered everything as promised. Some of them if they are really cheating the system might get scared and just let the order complete itself


ok, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

With 1 star review he will lose not only scammer buyers, also real buyers

I suggest you to accept the cancellation. Don’t risk to get a 1-star review. It’s my opinion.


I have had at least one 1 star review, and I know others who have as well. We defended ourselves and our business did not slow down.

In fact, just three weeks ago, I had a buyer tell me he noticed I had a 1 :star: review. I explained the circumstances. The buyer placed an order with me to proofread two books and now he comes back weekly to place orders.