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Hello everyone! Social media expert/musician with over 30+ MILLION views


Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum so I thought I would say hello and write a little bit about me!

My name’s Dean and I am a musician, entertainer, influence & social media expert. I have been a professional musician now for 7 years and have sold thousands of concert tickets worldwide and have recorded and released 3 albums in the UK and have been in the Official UK Charts with all 3 albums. I have had over 30+ MILLION views on YouTube & Facebook and work with companies such as McDonalds & Universal Pictures to help them promote their products/company on social media.

I’ve just posted my first 2 gigs on Fiverr and I hope to post many more! If you’re interested in social media and need help or a shoutout or need help editing a video to a professional standard then feel free to check out my gigs! I’m looking forward to making my first sale and making some new friends/clients!

Thanks, Dean


Welcome! Good luck with your gigs, you’ll most probably make quite a few bucks out of them :smiley:


Thanks!! Who knows, it’d be awesome if people enjoyed my services but we’ll see! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr. I’ve bookmarked your Twitter gig :slight_smile:


Wow thanks a lot that means a lot! Let me know if you ever need to order, or if you’d like a custom gig! :slight_smile:


Welcome Dean. With your success it begs the question why you need fiverr.


Hey mate! Well, it’s simple I love to be busy and I love to challenge myself with new tasks & challenges. I’ve always known of Fiverr and visited the website but I’ve never had time to be able to commit to any gigs as I’ve been busy doing some real life gigs/tours. Now that I’m in the process of writing & recording for a new album and I’m not on tour, I have time to do more things whilst I’m home! I have been doing a lot of things for other clients whilst not on tour through other platforms so I thought I would bring my services to Fiverr too. If I can expand my client list and build up a new platform here and have fun whilst earning some revenue from here, why not! :slight_smile:


Hey, welcome to the jungle.
I am curious, Fiverr recently released a promo video aimed primarily at your age group, did you see it? Did it entice you to start selling or is the timing coincidental.
This is the video in case you haven’t seen it, I would be interested in your take on it.


Wow that video is awesome! I’ve known about Fiverr for a few years now, so I recently just thought of selling but that video is awesome and I’m sure it’ll attract a lot of new sellers!

In Doers We Trust

Thanks, Im not a fan of it personally but it wasn’t aimed at me!
Great looking gigs btw, bookmarked for future reference. Ill be interested to see how things go for you here.
Good luck!


Great thanks for that, really appreciate it! Me too! Have a nice day!


Sounds good. We need quality sellers on fiverr.

I am publishing my first novel in March so I will probably use your promotion services to launch that.


Hi @iamnotalemon I am also new here . But I have long experiences of graphics design. I wish to provide quality & also professional designs . If you need any design for musical brand, and dear @homeestates if you get me the design project of your future Nobel, then I will be so happy also I can think myself fortunate .
Thank you so much


That sounds great! I look forward to reading the novel and help you promote it! :slight_smile:


Sorry to double post but I’ve just made my first sale and instantly delivered it! Fingers crossed I receive a 5 star rating! I even chucked in a bonus for being my first buyer! Very excited! Great feeling!


Congrats, first of many I hope