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Hello everyone, we are new on fiverr, can you please give ur advice?


We are exiting to place our work in this space, we just want to know every suggestions you can give to us. :wink:

Our First GiG
Our Second GiG

(if we put this in the worng theme, tell it too plz, we dont want to break any rule x.x)


Your logo design looks great. When I buy stuff on Fiverr (and I have made almost 400 purchases this year), I scroll down to see something that catches my eye, and yours would have done so. Your price is right. I think you’ll do fine, despite the crowdedness of that category.

Your real opportunity, I think, is your singing. You’ve got a great singing voice. Your gig video has the volume too loud, and the video itself is…frightening. But you’ve got skills.

Keep this in mind: 99% of Fiverr purchases are for gigs offering services to entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. Marinate on that, and try to figure out how to leverage your talent to help business owners. Consider this woman’s $155 gig with 370+ reviews:

Here is another one with a ton of reviews:

Notice that both of these sellers are targeting business owners, not lifestyle customers. Oh, and neither one is scary.


I feel like you have copied from pellek . for sure the Jingle you used in your gig video is not yours :slight_smile: