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Hello everyone! your advice is needed urgently

My client asked me to embed 300 words text into 100 images each. i told him the job is worth 40$ but he insisted that he could only pay me 10$ so i accepted since I was out of sales.
Unfortunately, i later discovered the job was a great loss.

  1. The images were of high quality of about 512mb
  2. I will have to download adobe lightroom which is about 200 mb
  3. If i am to deliver the work it will cost me about 600 mb due to the embedded text.
  4. fiverr does not allow large file
    My question is;
    Should i cancel the order or the buyer purchases my gig extra?

If i cancel the order he may be frustrated and even leave a bad review since buyers can still leave review even when an order is canceled and I’m not ready to make any sacrifices


You can send by more than two files if you need. As a new seller you should not cancel the order. Try to convince the buyer


This is a very complicated situation. You have to try to satisfy the buyer and at the same time satisfy yourself. You can upload the large file on a free hosting website then give the buyer the link to download. But the way I see the situation, you might be under-paid for the project if I’m right because of all the details mentioned above.


You can use dropbox too


If u r a new seller then u should not cancel the order.
It may harm ur gig.


I don’t get how having to download Lightroom is a problem at all. You should already have it installed if you offer that service, can’t see why you feel the need to mention that.

Also, why would you accept to do 40$ of work for 10$. Don’t do that.

I work with video, so all my deliveries are over 150 mb. I usually deliver via either wetransfer or file mail. No problems.

Also, if your profile name is “mrsghostwriter”, why are you doing that type of work? Doesn’t seem very fitting.

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I’m a level one seller… I will try to convince the buyer just hope it will work

“under paid” is what i am scared of. My creativity,effort and energy is not even included…
It’s Just too controversial

The buyer wanted something creative, He wants me to insert description into the image and I offer such gig…
The word “mrsghostwriter” was chosen because of some specific gig’s I offer…

How long does it take you to do 100 images like this?

4 days and I have 2 days left…

You didn’t answer the question. How long does it take for you to do the job? I didn’t ask how much time do you have. I asked how long (how many hours) does it take you to do it.

5 hours… 300 to 400 words description each

To be sincere, you don’t have any other choice than to delivery a very good job and hope for a tip. You just have to be more careful next time. Try to understand what the buyer wants before accepting to take the order.

So, after the fiverr fee, transfer fee to PayPal/bank account and possibly currency exchange (if your country does not use dollars) you are looking at getting around 1$ an hour. You shouldn’t have taken that deal.

I’m actually from U.S.A but reside in u.k presently… No doubt, I made a huge mistake

Let look it psychologically now
If a buyer could price your service worth 40$ to 10$,could that same buyer offer tips???

You can use Dropbox Or Google Drive, and share that link with buyer…
in your case, i think this is the only option.

Don’t worry @mrsghostwriter we actually learn from our mistakes. The fact that you acknowledged the receipt of the order meant that you were comfortable doing it, which according to you, is not the case. Just make an extra stretch to finish the task, but let the buyer know you won’t accept that next time.

Don’t worry @mrsghostwriter. you can upload the files to dropbox and send your client the link of the dropbox.

Hope this will solve your issue