Hello Fellow Fiverr'ers or Fiverr's!


Sup? Nice to meet all of you! So I’m about to head out for a Friday night but before doing so decided to tell you guys about my gig. I basically run one of the fastest growing horror genre entertainment sites on the web! My gig is basically offering ad space on our site to anyone with a product compatible to the 18-45 male/female demographic.


Our readers are generally in that age category but are sometimes older and sometimes younger. But are mostly horror movie fans, watchers, buffs, producers, writers, directors, etc. We also have a radio spot up at Youtube which has gained 20,000+ views/listens so far. Pretty good for our first radio ad. We’re also planning to launch an animated web series later this year, and some other cool stuff. So consider this thread an intro! I’ll collect your gigs too if you collect mine. However, the gigs must be film/arts related i.e. writing, shorts, music, film podcasts, film blogs, animations, anything film or movie entertainment or Hollywood or celebrity related. Thanks for reading and happy weekend!