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Hello Fellow Fivers! How long did it take you to sell your gigs?


Hey fellow fiverrs hope everyones well and having a great week
I am just curious to know how long it took each of you when first starting up here to start selling your gigs?
thanks in advance! Lexi


4 days.

I would suggest having everything ready when you launch. Description, Intro Video, deep discount relative to your competition. You will first show up in the new gig section and you want to make sure that you present yourself great from the start.

I sold 100 $5.00 order in 60 days. Then I raised my rate.

If your rate is too high, you may never get off the ground. If you start out low with your rate, you will be able to raise it later. You won’t be stuck.


There is no one, single answer. This is different for everyone based upon the service each seller offers, the market that exists for that service, how well the gig is presented, the prices when compared to competitors, etc. The list goes on.

You are likely to receive many different answers to your question in this thread, however, none of those answers will apply to you. YOUR unique gigs and YOUR specific services will determine how long it takes before you “start selling your gigs”.