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Hello Fellow members

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Sakib, and I am from Bangladesh, I am good at SEO & website optimization, I also can secure sites well.

I am very excited being here and also ready to create content and meet the needs of potential customers.



Welcome Brother . hope you will be reached your goal

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Thanks a lot Brother… :grinning: :grinning:


And once again if you are not related and have same father or mother try to avoid everyone’s “brother”. Buyers do not like that.


Well Noted Madam. will keep that in mind. thanks for your advise

Well, don’t be offended @sakib_ananno but I have seen most of the bangladeshi sellers use “brother”, “bro”, “boss”, “sir” which is not at all required and doesn’t seems professional. Buyers may probably reject you for this reason.

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Brother or Bro doesn’t seems professional

thanks a lot @swayam89, will keep that in mind…

So great to meet you

same here @farzeen_shareef

Welcome to fiverr…

Hellow I am new here