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Hello fellow sellers [CLOSED]

Hello to all of you,

I have been trying to post a query since yesterday, but after i post it, i dont see it anywhere on the forum after few seconds. I got an offcial warning today stating I am posting duplicate posts and in wrong categories. I want to know if this warning can affect my profile or gigs anyway. How can i contact fiver customer care? :frowning:

Anyways, I have joined fiverr this month. Can you guys please provide me some tips to achieve my first order? I can see, great sellers here. So please help me attract buyers to my gigs? I dont use facebook or any social sites.

Moderator Note: This is why you received a warning. You posted in the wrong category, usually with duplicate posts as follows (using forum times):

1.) 23rd Jun 2016 7:44 AM (This one was never deleted and was just moved to the right place for you along with a casual private note on the post explaining where to post.)
Here is that link again:

2.) 23rd Jun 2016 6:51 PM (removed and you were sent a warning and helpful links)
3.) 23rd Jun 2016 7:23 PM (removed)
4.) 24th Jun 2016 6:37 AM (removed)
5.) 24th Jun 2016 6:52 PM (this post which is still in place in the incorrect category)

As stated in the warning, you can also always find your posts by clicking on the View Activity,/i> blue button in the upper-right hand of the forum. If it is difficult to find the first time, here again is a direct link:

Go to the Fiverr Academy if you want real tips. The forum isn’t a good help with this as most posts are asking the same question 10.000 times.

I will definitely go there. But then if everybody thought so, there would not have been hundreds of threads :slight_smile: I hope my profile or my rating would not get affected by this offcial first warning ? :frowning:

Your forum warnings don’ t affect your Fiverr profile or ratings unless you do something against TOS.

These are issued for multiple reasons as you already mentioned in your case for duplicate posts.

Be patient. Some new sellers are waiting months for their first sale.

Read the Fiverr Academy as suggested and keep learning. Check out the forum rules, Fiverr’s TOS and listen to the podcasts.

@mariokluser 100% agree with you sir

If everybody thought that way the forum was a much cleaner and valuable place where nobody has to dig through all the ‘how can I get my first sale’ posts.

I think the forum can be helpful to you for personalized help if you post in the correct category. Posting requests for improvement help in a category for Tips for all/most sellers is counter-productive.

While forum warnings do not affect your Fiverr account if you do not break ToS (as @annai80 said) if you continue to break the forum rules, you will received restrictions on your forum account.

I understand but the problem is, I dont get :frowning: see anything clicking on the view activity button as suggested by fiverr.It just does not do anything and being new here, I could not comprehend where should i get my question posted. Hence the mistake. I think its more of a buggy app fault than mine, yet I apologize and will be careful from onwards.

Do not copy and paste at forum…DO not post any links of your gig here…also i personally don’t like your tagline as “I CHARGE FOR MY CLIENT’S HAPPINESS”…Try to improve it…
Share more and more of your gigs at social media…- you’ve been here from one month only…so dont be disheartened… long way to go…try harder…good luck

As I replied already, I was not seeing my post on the forum, the very first, that i posted which led me to post again making me assume there was some glitch on my part for it not being posted or showing up. I could also not see anything clicking on view activity. I will be careful henceforth, but I request, dont let this warning affect my reputation in anyway on the forum or on my profile. I am not a spammer, but a naive newbie who needs guidance. I repeat, I will be careful in future.

thanks divya, I will surely do that.What i meant by this tagline is,if my client is not satisfied with my job, I wont charge him a penny. I will definitely change it,thanks.

Your fiverr forum activity does not affect your account…but it will create a bad impression for those who consider you from forum activity …so better in careful in future…

Do not bothering about that post so much ??..if that post is genuine and you still not getting the answer of what your post was all about…then post it again at the correct category…

thanks for your suggestion, I found some really helpful articles on fiverr academy.

You also were given a direct link to your post that’s works everywhere, so View Activity is not your only option.

View Activity works for sure on the common PC browsers and all the mobile browsers that were tested. Since you mentioned app, perhaps you tried it on the Fiverr app for Android/iOS. It is possible that it might not work on the mobile app. The app has always been limited and not recommended for more than simple things.

There are also multiple posts on the forum with information on what the categories are used for. A lot of people do miss it the first time, so the first note was casual. Just try reading the forum more at first and you’ll learn a lot without having to post so many times in the exact same category. This thread will be closed now that you’ve read it. Feel free to add to your post in Improve my Gig or start a re-worded set of questions there.