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Hello Firends' Give me tips how to increase gig click and order?

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Off the top of my head…

DELETE any mention of unlimited revisions.

It is a dumb idea that some Buyers will abuse.

You don’t want to spend the next few days, weeks, months or years providing a difficult customer 100+ revisions because your Gig stated you would provide “unlimited revisions.”

A Buyer who sees that may also think you can’t provide quality work or that you lack confidence in your work if you are willing to keep revising it over and over and over and over and over and over and over for the same price of just one version.

I hope that helps.

  1. Maybe change 1 or 2 photos to photos of actual work you have done

  2. If you find some clients outside of Fiverr consider having them go through Fivver so you can record some sales/reviews on the Gigs. Once you have some reviews on there potential buyers will feel more comfortable buying from you.

  3. As @looseink mentioned remove the unlimited revisions. Some clients (very few) but some will abuse this to the max

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Very good tips for new seller

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