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Hello Fiverr Friends! Need Advice Please

Hello friends,

I’ve recently signed up on Fiverr and must say that this seems to be a great place for sellers. The forum is helpful and I’ve been able to pick up some useful tips for my content writing gigs.

I need your support in answering these two questions:

(1) I’ve yet to see any buyers contacting me for my gigs. In the ‘buyer request’ section also, there are only a few requests and most are irrelevant. Is this normal in the ‘writing and translation’ category?

(2) Many people have suggested that one should promote gigs on social media. Suppose, through social media promotion, someone wants to hire me for writing services, will he take the pains to sign up on Fiverr, just to order my Gigs? Does promotion really work this way?

I appreciate any helpful advice or tips.


You can check this article about this issue.

I think It’s not important.

Buyer requests can sometimes be few but it’s simply because no one in your category has posted one, you just have to wait patiently for them to arrive. I would recommend that you create more Gigs so that you have more application options and more opportunities to bid successfully.

If he really wants to buy your services he will.

Hey @mmh4560, the link you provided for buyer requests was quite useful. Thanks!

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Thanks @samuelaaron0110 for this useful tip about buyer requests. I’ll try creating more gigs in different categories that I know I can work on.

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That’s how you talk! Successes! :+1::grin:

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