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Hello Fiverr! I Am Excited To Join The Community!

Hello Fiverr Community!

Recently, overcame my fears and am starting my journey into Freelance work!
Starting as a Voice Over Seller, I also have other skills including writing, and leading.
I’m starting small, with a goal of developing my own brand, one day fully replacing my day job doing meaningful work that I love!
I’m looking forward to meeting, learning from, and sharing with as many of you as possible!
I’m happy to be here!
When I’m not working or working, I’m probably grilling on the BBQ and enjoying craft brews.

Let’s talk soon!


Welcome to Fiverr and the forum, fellow VO seller!

The first step is normally the hardest, as there is so much uncertainty when starting on a new path, and starting off on Fiverr is definitely the most challenging period of time, what with no track record or regular customers established. Overcoming the initial hurdle might take days, weeks, months, years, or might never occur for quite a number of sellers. Here’s to good fortune on your new path!

I quickly took a glance at your profile. Your audio quality is clear and your voice is distinct, but I think there was some peaking in your demo when you said “In this course.” Also, using the same demo for all your gigs might not be the best course of action, as most prospective buyers only listen to the first part of a demo, and if all the demos are the same, then they likely won’t hear your vocal range compared to having different demos for each specific gig.

Just my two cents!


Hey There @enunciator!

Thank-you so much for the response, and checking out my profile!

I took a listen, and wow, I did not realize I missed that peaking in previous review!

I also must admit, I wasn’t aware I could do a different demo reel for each gig, I thought it was just three uploads for all. Whoops.

I greatly appreciate your feedback, I’ll definitely make some tweaks!

Thanks, and all the best!


You’re highly welcome.


Thank-you @bigfm7070!

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we are also excited to get you @chrisvo1 :neutral_face:


I too have a little bit dream about quitting my job and doing freelancing. :sweat_smile: Compared to other freelancing platforms, I like how clients find their talent instead of hunting for clients. For most of us like me “illustrators”, hunting for a client wastes too much time. So, If I get many reviews and somehow get the traction I think it’s super convenient.
Now, what am I doing to get started?
Getting orders organically seems to be impossible when there are hundreds of competitors, so I’m trying buyer’s request and marketing myself on Instagram. Successfully got few orders like this recently. :love_you_gesture:
Like @enunciator said I’m in the initial hurdle. And tried to overcome that hurdle passively for a year which is didn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I’m trying bit non-passively.


Welcome to fiverr forum brother :blush:


welcome on fiverr family


Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:


You are mostly welcome here. <3

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Welcome to fiverr forum. I wish you good luck and hopefully it will be a nice journey form You.


welcome to the fiverr forum family.

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highly welcome to our Fiverr forum.

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Welcome to The community…!!

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Wellcome to the family brother :blush:

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Welcome to fiverr community. Best wishes for your upcoming projects, Enjoy the forum
Best of luck :+1: :+1:

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Hello @chrisvo1
Welcome to fiverr. Best of luck for your career.

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Hi @chrisvo1 welcome to Fiverr forum, I wish your success in this sector. Best of luck.

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Thank-you @sulaimankabir!