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Hello fiverr,i am new in here still no clients


i am new in fiverr .i just open my account 3months ago but still i don’t have any contract with clients.still no impressions are quite good but clicks are not quite good enough .
can anyone help me with this problem?
how can i solve this problem?


Never give up bro, wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100:


thanks you have any solution about this?


Hello. I’m new too but I took a look at your gigs, you seem to have copied some of the descriptions from other gigs. I know this because your prices in the packages and the description don’t match, and you said you’re new while your description says: '100k+ Orders | 44000+ Reviews | Top Rated Seller!


Be honest and professional.
That’s pretty much it.


so should i need to change my description? and thanks for your information


There are thousands of important posts in this forum. So please take a look at them and plan for yourself what you do, what you are capable of doing so on. Try sending buyer requests, reach your customers, be honest, be you. Then everything would be fine.


share your profile on different social media platforms. and must use 10 buyer request, and keep patience.


Please share your gigs via social media platform like fb, twitter, linkedIn etc. Also sent 10 buyer request daily and activate online at least 16 hours. Hope you will get order.


Correct mistake you have been noticed. Very minor but called major mistake.


I think you should start being realistic by changing your gig description. If you can’t describe what you want to offer, then how do you want buyers to understand you point.