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Hello Fiverr I am new in here

hello, I am a new seller on Fiverr, how to get first order on Fiverr?

Start by creating a gig. You don’t have any available for anyone to order.



As you don’t have any gigs on display ….

Check out: for how to get started on Fiverr.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I see you have completed the free Fiverr course.

Can’t understand why you haven’t known to create a gig!


Create the gig with low prize and share that gig on Social Media.
Send the custom offer and give them Unlimited free revisions.
Complete the work on time and Earn the Rating.
Success will start…:innocent:

Playing the bottom of the barrel is not a good idea. Most sellers also are not connected to their target customers on social media, so spam-posting gig links all over your social accounts is a terrible idea. Go where your customers are located. That is how you earn sales.

Absolutely not. Have confidence in your work. Don’t give it away for free. Unlimited revisions allows bad buyers to take advantage of you. Don’t offer unlimited revisions.

Success will start when you start thinking like a businessman. Success does not come to those to feel entitled to it, and aren’t willing to take productive actions to connect to their target customers and reach their business goals.

No one is guaranteed success on Fiverr just because they have gigs here.

This is my trick.and it work always for new Seller.At starting You should keep the prize low.and when will you get the Good Ratings and you kindly increase the Budget.So at the beginning you need to show your skills.And no buyer will hire you without any Work History and Ratings.So keep it Low and attract more customer.

Give them Unlimited Free Revisions at the Starting not forever.Keep in Mind buyer scared to hire you because you has no feedback.So he does not know you does you work ?How is your quality.So it import to offer him Free Unlimited Revisions at the beginning and BUILD THE TRUST.

You will be success if you follow the seller experience.

Create your first gig, use keywords in description. Promote your gig on social media. Ask your friend to share your gig as well.

There are plenty of bad buyers who like to take advantage of unlimited revisions. If you offer them, are required to work as long as your buyer wants, and you must provide as many revisions as he wants, no matter what he asks. This is foolish, unwise, and unprofessional. Don’t put yourself into a position where you do not control the completion of your work.

There is never a good time to open yourself up to unlimited revisions abuse here on Fiverr. Don’t do it. Set a limit, and stick to that limit. Don’t give your work away for free.

Free unlimited revisions do not built trust. They make you look desperate for sales, lacking in confidence that you can provide the work you are hired to complete, and are a flashing neon sign telling bad buyers that they can take advantage of you, and force you to keep working for them as long as they want to keep asking for revisions.


I told before give the Unlimited Revisions at the beginning.
However it is not matter,if you not satisfied the client they will give you revisions again and again.Untill he satisfied.99% of Buyer will not give you extra money as the name of Revisions.If they will not satisfied, they will cancel the order.

And a cancellation hurts you as a seller. You can avoid the whole dilemma you described by not offering free unlimited revisions. Set a limit of one or two revisions, make it clear that that is what you offer, and leave it at that. There is never a good time to give your work away for free, much less indefinitely.

If you will give 1 o 2 revisons.the buyer will choose other seller.who are giving more revisions.:wink:

That is only your experience, and not indicative of all buyers.