Hello, Fiverr! I do business cards :)


Hi Fiverr!
I’m a web design and graphic design student using Fiverr to build my experience and portfolio. I create awesome original business card designs - check them out here!


Wow, these are supercool business cards! I wish I had a business where I could give out fancy cards! Maybe you should be able to do printing and shipping too, there is a function on Fiverr that you can charge for shipping.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t do printing and shipping too, because then I’d have to worry about paper and ink which is quite expensive - when look up business cards on Fiverr, I see they sell just the print-ready designs; they don’t offer an option to print and ship them to buyers when you’re creating this gig. It actually makes it much simpler when all you have to worry about is the design, you should give it a try! :slight_smile:


True, it’s much easier to do the design only! I imagine, for me as a client it’s a hassle to find a printer as well, so if you could be a one stop shop, you could try it, distinguishing yourself from the competition. Price it in a way it does worth your trouble! Just an idea:)


It is a good idea! I actually did have that thought - there are websites like Vistaprint etc where you can upload your own card design and they’ll print it for a good price. I thought of including that service in my pricing but there’s a few too many variables, like shipping depending where the buyer lives, paper quality, etc. Maybe I could brainstorm a way to do it!